Fort Hood Soldiers Deployed to Remote Area of Iraq Get Morale Boost from OSD Supply Drop

KILLEEN, TEXAS & AUSTIN, TEXAS (November 30, 2018) /For immediate release/ —   Soldiers of the 3rd Cavalry Regiment, Thunder Squadron are currently deployed from Fort Hood to Iraq. Deployed to a remote Special Operations Outpost, living conditions are challenging to say the least. Isolated and with limited access to resources, morale was pretty low.

Staff Sergeant Eric C. explained, “We don’t have a lot where we are. We have power, but no running water. We sleep in camo net shelters with only one built up building, and a connex. We want to make the connex an MWR, but there are no extra resources in country for that to happen. Any help with morale items would be greatly appreciated.”

OSD was happy to hook these Soldiers up with a Supply Drop.

These troops are now enjoying games, coffee, and other supplies from generous donors including Starbucks, Rip It Energy, Disgruntled Decks, FanDuel, GAEMS, and other key OSD partners.

PFC Javier M. responded, “I just wanted to thank you on behalf of our Platoon for sending us a Supply Drop. It means a lot that you guys are thinking of us and sending us stuff to keep us occupied and make the deployment better. It means even more because we are stationed at an outpost, so we don’t have much of anything here. The card games and PlayStation that you sent have been boosting our morale so much. Once the workday is over we can all sit down, have a laugh, and enjoy some time together. It just helps bring the stress level down so much.”

PFC Jay D. continued, “I just wanted to express my full gratitude for supporting us here in Iraq. I can say with extreme confidence that the Supply Drop has boosted morale for our Platoon. Our Platoon is detached from the rest of our unit and we are pretty much fending for ourselves when it comes to supplies, entertainment, etc. Your Supply Drop exceeded our expectations and it’s hard to express how much we appreciate that.”

OSD’s “Supply Drop” program has impacted hundreds of thousands of active military personnel in scores of locations around the globe. These Soldiers will return home in the Spring as members of OSD’s Texas Region, leading and participating in social, professional and service events within Killeen.

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