Fort Bragg Soldiers Deployed to Afghanistan Work Hard — Will Now Play Hard with OSD “Supply Drop”

FORT BRAGG, NORTH CAROLINA & FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA (January 4, 2018) /For immediate release/ — United States Army Soldiers deployed from Fort Bragg to Afghanistan will have some fun to add into the mix between patrols and expeditionary missions thanks to an incoming “Supply Drop” from OSD.

SGT Alex J., of Task Force Devil Strike, said, “I am currently serving in Afghanistan. I serve as my company supply rep, ADO manager, and Ops NCO. My company consists of two elements. A UAV platoon and an intelligence collection platoon.”

“Paratroopers in my company are the best. No joke. We have the highest APFT average in the battalion of mostly engineers! We are constantly going on patrols and expeditionary missions doing great things for the overall effort in Afghanistan.”


“My company works hard and they deserve to play hard too! Most of the company doesn’t have access to MWR facilities. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My guys definitely deserve it!”


Laeth Damon, Army Veteran and OSD Operations Manager, said, “We loving helping our brothers and sisters deployed from down the road Fort Bragg. These soldiers will enjoy some goodies now and we look forward to continuing the support when they come home.”

The “Supply Drop” includes generous support from FanDuel, Starbucks, Bezier Games, Steve Jackson Games, GAEMS and other key OSD partners.


OSD’s “Supply Drop” program has impacted hundreds of thousands of active military personnel in scores of locations around the globe.


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