Force Multiplier Ventures and OSD Provide Veterans Professional Development Opportunities Through Veteran Rally Point Gathering

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA & AUSTIN, TEXAS (November 9, 2018) /For immediate release/ —   In October, OSD Indianapolis partnered with Force Multiplier Ventures to host a Veteran Rally Point Gathering. This event created a unique opportunity for veterans to network and discuss transition tips and best practices in maximizing job-search strategy. Hosted at a local, veteran-owned restaurant called The Coachman, this Veteran Rally Point Gathering aimed to assist Veterans in connecting with others who think and operate like them. This support is invaluable when transitioning from the military and for continued advancement in the civilian workforce.  

Attendee Jonathan Prater noted, “I came to the Veteran Rally Point Gathering because I wanted to be a part of something greater than just myself and be surrounded by people like me, who’ve spent careers in the military, who’ve developed a similar mindset, and operate with a familiar spirit within themselves. It is here that I feel most comfortable, and what draws me closer to these organizations.”

At OSD, we believe that grassroots professional development and mentorship is required to secure the future of our veterans and their families. Events like the Veteran Rally Point Gathering and other Heroic Forces programming provide necessary skills and direction to veterans who are transitioning to the civilian workforce.

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OSD’s local chapters are the backbone of our community engagement and outreach. Chapters are made up of groups of active duty members, veterans, family members and civilian supporters devoted to giving back at the community level. OSD chapters host various social, professional, and service related events each month. Heroic Forces programs provide necessary skills and direction to veterans with an emphasis on small groups and networking. We work closely with local and regional companies and service organizations to provide resources our veterans need to transition into the civilian workforce.

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