Five Ways to Support Veterans this December

Every November, we honor those who serve by celebrating Veterans Day. However, the men and women who served our country deserve more than a single day of remembrance. As we head into the holidays, you are likely thinking about ways you can give back and celebrate the spirit of the season. Supporting the Veteran community is a great way to do just that! Here are a few simple ways you can make a difference for Veterans this December.

      1. Say Thank You. Maybe you buy lunch or simply offer a “thanks for your service,” any small gesture of gratitude makes a big difference.
      2. Support Veteran Owned and Operated Businesses. Looking for a great Christmas present? Shop one of the many Veteran owned and operated businesses first. From coffee to unique bottle openers, from apparel to razors and shave accessories, there are thousands of Veteran-owned business that offer a wide range of quality products.

      3. Hire a Veteran. There are roughly 20.4 million Veterans in the US and approximately 200,000 service-members separate from the military each year. Having served in the military, Veterans are equipped with a unique skill set that brings a lot to the civilian workforce. Unfortunately, their experiences are often overlooked. A recent study shows that nearly ⅓ of Veterans are underemployed. Veterans are hard workers who respond well to tight deadlines and high-pressure environments. They are also equipped with leadership skills and are well acquainted with learning new skills and taking in information quickly and efficiently. A Veteran hire can be a great addition to your team
      4. Mentor a Veteran. Perhaps you aren’t in a position to hire a Veteran, but professional mentoring can be a huge help to transitioning service members or Veterans. You can assist with career exploration, resume and interview preparation, and developing networking skills. Mentoring can help ease the transition from the military to the civilian workforce or help a Veteran pursue the next step in their career.
      5. Give to OSD! At OSD, we provide a home for Veterans before, during, and after their separation. Your donation allows us to continue to support Veterans, military members, and their families. From professional development opportunities through our Heroic Forces programming to Thank You Deployments, our Veterans programming emphasizes social connectivity, professional development, and servant leadership.