Is Operation Supply Drop a 501(c)(3)?

Yes, our Tax ID is 27-3842417

What is Operation Supply Drop's Tax ID Number?

Our TAX ID is 27-3842517

What is the address to mail a donation via check or money order?

Please make the check out to “Operation Supply Drop” and mail to:
Operation Supply Drop
401 Congress Ave Suite 1540
Austin, TX 78701

If you would also email partner@operationsupplydrop.org when you send the check, we can ensure we have all necessary information to provide you with a receipt.

How does my business partner with Operation Supply Drop to impact veterans?

We would love to work with you. To learn how other companies are working with us to impact veterans, please email partner@operationsupplydrop.org or visit: https://operationsupplydrop.org/business-partners/

How do I become a fundraiser or have my event raise money for Operation Supply Drop?

First, head to https://fundraise.operationsupplydrop.org/campaign/operation-supply-drop-general-fund/c118464/fundraiser/create which will allow you to create your own personal page to accept donations from your friends, family or customers. You can customize this page with your own imagery, background and why you’re doing the fundraiser. Each person that donates will automatically receive a receipt from us and their donation will be put to work within our programs immediately. If you have any questions on fundraising, please email partner@operationsupplydrop.org and for fundraising ideas vist: https://operationsupplydrop.org/get-involved/

How do I donate my used vehicle to Operation Supply Drop?

You can visit our landing for this service at: https://osd.causenetwork.com/vehicles

Does Operation Supply Drop accept in-kind donations?

If you have bulk quanities of items your business would like to donate towards our programs, please email inkind@operationsupplydrop.org so we can determine how we can work together to impact veterans.

Does Operation Supply Drop accept used games and consoles?

Yes, we do accept used games and consoles. Please ensure they are cleaned prior to shipping. For more information on shipping and what we accept, visit: https://operationsupplydrop.org/donate-used-gear/