Dedicated Members of Operation Supply Drop San Diego Bond Through Beach Clean-up Efforts

As spring approaches, more visitors to southern California’s beautiful beaches roll in like a warm breeze. Additional people however, means more effort is needed to keep the shimmering sands free of debris. Team San Diego met up recently to clean the clutter off Mission Beach in San Diego.

Our mission in San Diego includes helping clean up the environment and make San Diego a better place for all who enjoy the pristine beaches of southern California. This is part of our core values and mission for Operation Supply Drop, Service to our community while giving purpose and meaning with our team. surroundings and others.

We had over a half-dozen team members come out and collect numerous bags of trash from the beaches, many park goers were constantly providing thanks as well as acknowledging our growing presence in the community. These team service events allow us to bond both as a team and with the community at-large. It really is a rewarding experience stand back and look at all the work that was put in and see the difference made for the Mission Beach community. This not only helps the community but also the sea life and environment.