#CoffeeOps is a GO! A New Way to Support our Veterans Where Giving a Little, Does a Lot!

#CoffeeOps: Give a Little, Do a lot!

A new way that you can support veterans on a daily basis without breaking the bank.

The idea of #CoffeeOps started a few years back in the OSD community as a way to kick of each day. That’s what happens in a community fueled by caffeine. We wanted to make this ritual even bigger and thought it would be a great idea to uses as a fundraising trigger on a daily basis to remember those we serve each morning.

Engage Your #CoffeeOps!

Every single dollar donated really does count, especially when you add them together in the community. If 1,000 people all donated $4 each, we’re able to hold at least 3 major community events impacting veterans, their families and the communities they live in. Imagine if 10,000 people did the same, or 100,000? Wow!

#CoffeeOps is meant to be a movement you can return to on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Every time you purchase your favorite morning drink, take a moment to give the same to our troops. $4 for your coffee and $4 for #CoffeeOps. If you don’t drink coffee, you can do the same with tea or even when your daily lunch or dinner.

To get involved, simply head over to CoffeeOps.vet, pick your level to align with your giving preference and hit that “Give” button. Bookmark the page on your phone and remember our service-members every time you sip the java.

Let’s do some caffeine infused good work, together.


Post your own operations on social media with hashtag #CoffeeOps on Facebook & Twitter