Celebrating One-Year of Thank You Deployment Successes with VET TIX

Together, with VET TIX, we’ve helped provided experiences to hundreds of active-military, veterans and their families. These experiences included popular gaming and entertainment expos as well as sporting events. We’re thrilled to continue growing our relationship with such a fantastic partner. 

Here are just a few of the testimonials from the last year:

USAF veteran Suzanne said of attending the Carolina Game Summit, “This was an amazing event for my boys! They had such a wonderful time. It was wonderful to get to experience with them!! I’ve attached a picture of my son playing on the virtual reality simulator, by far his favorite exhibit. Thank you again!”

US Navy Veteran Dave said of attending the Carolina Game Summit, “Thank you for the tickets. The kids had a great time and can’t wait until you return next year. The staff was very friendly and we were all amazed with the set. We also enjoyed the music concert that was performed in the evening. ”

US Army Veteran Alfredo said of attending Gamestop Expo, “Thank you Gamestop for the Expo tickets my son and I had a blast and got to play some up and coming games that are soon to come out. Thank you for supporting the the troops and us vets.”

US Marine Corps Veteran Nichelle said of attending Gamestop Expo, “Thank you Vet Tix and Operation Supply Drop for the tickets to the GameStop Expo. I have never been to anything like that and it was incredible! We had some issues getting the tickets when we first got there but your response team took over and it was resolved in record time! Thank you again, for all you do for us (veterans).”

US Navy Veteran Robert said of attending Gamestop Expo, “I want to express my deepest thanks to Operation Supply Drop for the generous donation. My son and I really enjoyed the GameStop Expo experience as my son is a avid gamer and these tickets were not available to the general public. We both had a blast playing games that were new and retro, which my son just couldn’t grasp how far technology has come in just a short time. This was some really needed quality time with my son and I’m really thankful for VetTix and Operation Supply Drop for providing me the opportunity to bond with my son and get our gaming on.”

US Army Veteran Cesar said of attending Destiny Con, “Thank you Operation Supply Drop for a great time at Destiny Community Con. It was a pleasure meeting everyone as well as sharing stories, and encouraging words for me to continue advocating for Veterans like myself. As I continue I will know I have support from everyone at Operation Supply Drop. Keep up the great work! and continue the mission. Never retreat… ”

US Army Soldier Pamela said of attending GEXCon, “Having obtained these passes made me “da MOM” with my son and his friends!! They had a great time playing “old” video games and being in the casual smash competition, seeing the cosplayers and visiting the vendors’ booths!! Our thanks to “Operation Supply Drop” for donating the passes!!”

US Army Soldier Jude said of attending GEXCon, “Thank you very much for the 4 tickets to experience GEXCON in Virginia. We had a great time playing with old games and learning future game and learning how to play current electronic game. There were so many technology that we did not know and it was nice to be exposed to them all in one area.”

US Army Veteran Neil said of attending Indy POPCon, “Thank you Operation Supply Drop for the 3 day passes to Indy pop con. My family had a wonderful 3 day in Indianapolis and seen a lot of awesome costumes. We enjoyed every minute of it.”

US Navy Sailor Juan said of attending Indy POPCon, “Thank you OSD and VetTix for your donation. This was my first time at Pop Con and had the time of my life. Very well organized and colorful event. We enjoyed and can’t wait for next year visit.”