Black Rifle Coffee and OSD are Partnering to Get Coffee to Deployed Troops

By OSD Communications Specialist Bailey Patton Brackin 

Black Rifle Coffee Company is not your typical coffee roaster. Founded by former U.S. Army Green Beret, Evan Hafer, BRCC is providing a high-quality, roast-to-order coffee to the pro-2A and veteran communities and employing a ton of Veterans while doing it.

Evan first started experimenting with coffee roasting between deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. He spent a decade honing his craft, experimenting with different roast profiles, and drinking everything he made. When he finally left government service in 2014, BRCC was the natural progression.

BRCC’s approach to coffee really does set them apart from the rest. According to their website, they roast their coffee daily to ensure the highest quality product. Depending on order time, most orders ship the same day they are purchased. With this process, Black Rifle Coffee Company delivers some of the freshest and finest coffee in America. They are also unapologetically patriotic and support the military, veterans, and the Second Amendment. While not always 100% politically correct, they don’t take themselves too seriously.

And when it comes to supporting the troops, these guys aren’t just talking the talk. In addition to employing a huge number of Veterans, they are all about supporting the men and women currently serving our country. Giving back to the military and veteran community truly is at the core of who they are.

It is that devotion that inspired the Black Rifle “buy a bag, give a bag” campaign. In December, BRCC challenged their customers – for every bag of coffee bought, BRCC will send a bag to a deployed service member. The campaign not only served BRCC’s mission of giving back to the military community but engaged its huge customer base in the process.

Mat Best, Vice President of BRCC explained, “If there’s a way to help service members, make their time overseas a little more comfortable, we’re going to jump at that opportunity. And getting our customers involved in this way — it’s not just BRCC doing the work, our consumers are influencing the numbers. The more they buy, the more we give to the troops.”

Confident the challenge would mean thousands of bags of coffee sent overseas, BRCC decided to partner with OSD to ensure coffee got quickly to deserving troops. Already committed to sending games, coffee, and other supplies to troops through our Supply Drop program, it was a perfect match.

“We felt that OSD was an amazing partner in our initiative to send a large amount of coffee we ship overseas. Having a partner that believes in the same mission as us that could help us ensure the product arrives in the correct locations and isn’t damaged during the shipping process was a huge win for us. We want to continue to partner with amazing organizations in the veteran community who look out for the men and women who served and serve,” said Matt.

OSD was thrilled to partner in this initiative. OSD CEO and Executive Director Glenn Banton explained, “Our recipients love getting coffee in Supply Drops. Typically the type of coffee they have access to while deployed is not good. We are excited to partner with BRCC to get a quality product to our men and women overseas. And we love working with another like-minded, military-centered organization.”

Getting quality coffee from back home can be a big morale boost to troops overseas. Not only is it better than what they have access to, it is a small reminder that their sacrifices are seen and remembered back home.

Mat explained, “In addition to being considerably better than the coffee available in an MRE, we hope it will let them know that they haven’t been forgotten. As the war continues, and the further we get from 9/11, the general population almost seems to forget that we’ve still got troops over there fighting. We haven’t forgotten. It’s a token, but we hope it reminds them that we know and appreciate what they’re doing.”

All in all the “buy a bag, give a bag” campaign will result in over 10,000 bags of coffee sent to deployed troops. Both BRCC and OSD look forward to a continued partnership to get quality coffee in the hands of our military members overseas.