Military Veteran, Don Noble joins Operation Supply Drop

Today we are excited to announce the addition of Don Noble to the Operation Supply Drop leadership team as our Live Event Coordinator.  Don has been part of helping us shape Operation Supply Drop over the last few months and his addition into the leadership team is one that we are absolutely ecstatic to announce. Don is passionate about two main staples in the Operation Supply Drop: Veterans and Gaming!  Don, better known as “RealBlankspace” in the gaming community, has been around the gaming community almost two decades. Those that know Don also know the struggles he has faced after leaving his military service through personal challenges.  Don served in the military as a combat Military Policeman and deployed in support of Iraqi Freedom through three operations.  During the tough times games became the constant in his life and allowed him the ability take his mind away from things occurring around him. Many veterans use gaming as a catalyst to cope with internal demons and Don is no different.

When he first found out about Operation Supply Drop he was excited and wondered why there wasn’t something like this in place when he was deployed overseas. Video game care packages are the founding piece of what Operation Supply Drop does and we currently send 12 of them out monthly. Being one of the only full time charity streamers on Twitch who gives all of their subscription earnings to Operation Supply Drop was challenging to setup but in his words “absolutely worth it.”  He now comes into the organization in a role that is absolutely needed and a passion that will help us shape the future of supporting veterans.

October was our busiest month in history with 12 Supply Drops mailed to active-duty service-members, five weekend community gaming charity events, nine Mandatory Fun team events, multiple gaming events and various game release parties with Gamestop.  We have a large amount of live events coming in 2016 and having Don run point on these events will be paramount for us to ensure we are affecting as many veterans and civilian supporters as possible. In the military we have a saying “leave nobody behind” and Don is now a critical part of the future to ensure we do just that.

We asked Don what was the most exciting part of joining Operation Supply Drop and he said “I’m excited to be a larger part of Operation Supply Drop and its direction of helping veterans in every place they may be. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone at events we’re involved with to discuss how we can help veterans and their civilian supporters around the globe. We may have started with Supply Drops but now we’re growing in the direction of helping veterans in so many more ways!”