Arizona Cardinals and OSD Phoenix Team up to Open Luke AFB Community Commons

Some folks may remember last year when OSD began working with Luke Air Force base on their Community Commons project.  In what now has become the norm for OSD, we support Luke AFB with both volunteer time from the local OSD community as well as morale boosting gear for the airmen and all the planning finally come together for the grand opening!

Arriving mid morning, OSD Phoenix toured the new facility, including the game room where the gear we’ve provided were being utilized and the other entertainment options for the soldiers on base. It was really fun to see what the airmen that do so much for our country get to do to relax.

The ceremony started shortly thereafter and the attendance was great! Arizona Cardinals players and cheerleaders as well as the Big Red, the AZ Cardinal’s mascot, joined us as guests at the ribbon cutting ceremony. There were about 50 service members in attendance to witness the cutting of the ribbon for the new Community Commons with more pouring in after the ceremony.

After the facility was officially opened, the games began, literally! The service members in attendance helped themselves to cookies and sandwiches catered by Subway and some pretty decorative cupcakes! After they treated themselves to food, they were able to meet the players and take photos with the cheerleaders and Big Red.

In the game room there were several options for soldiers to be entertained and relax. Two pool tables, a two ping pong tables, air hockey, and tables to sit at. There was a smaller room where the gaming systems were located and every chair was filled. They were all playing Call of Duty, but all of the soldiers looked like they really enjoyed it. The room remained full of airmen, USAA team members, and OSD Phoenix members until the mid-afternoon!

The cardinals players joined in on the gaming too! Big Red was a hit and playing ping pong and pool with the soldiers and attendees as well. Overall, this was a great showcase of what the OSD commitment to service provides to our service members and their families.