8-Bit Salute’s inception in 2011, tens of thousands of you, our community, have speed run, grinded, raided and survived, in the name of supporting OSD’s mission to serve our nation’s active-military, veterans and their families. 

Your amazing efforts have contributed over $1.25 MILLION dollars, 5,000 Supply Drops™ have deployed to our nation’s warfighters and more than 1.2 million games have found their way into the hands of thousands of troops. 

Now, we are taking 8-Bit Salute to the next freaking level.

“We’d asked for feedback, and heard our community loud and clear,” said Jeff Bartom, US Navy veteran and OSD Development Director for Gaming, “With the generosity of Rip It Energy we are able to bring 8-Bit Salute to the most requested tool and platform for online streaming campaigns. I am thrilled to say, 8-Bit Salute is now exclusively on Tiltify!”

Using Tiltify’s industry leading features, you can now create highly interactive campaigns for 8-Bit Salute.  You have the ability to have customized 8-Bit Salute assets built directly into your live streams. Including the Tiltify Extension on Twitch, interactive fundraising milestones, and custom animated 8-Bit Salute steaming overlays. These features will increase your ability to interact with the community while enabling you to focus on what you do best: playing games! 

“The strategic partnerships that came together quickly to enable this evolution for the OSD community show how valuable the support through 8-Bit Salute is to our programs,” OSD CEO Glenn Banton stated. 

“Rip It Energy, the unofficial energy drink of the military, knows the power of gaming on morale and the daily positive impact it provides for our warfighters. Rip It’s generosity empowers our fundraisers with Tiltify’s platform and tools. This giant leap forward will only strengthen and increase effectiveness for the network of individuals, communities and corporate partners that allow us to serve those who serve us.”

As all rapidly near the OSD milestone of “One Million Served,” there has never been a better time to join us in supporting our nation’s warfighters and Veterans. 

Pick up the controller, the dice, the guitar, the cards or whatever game gets you and your squad amped, and help make a difference. Sign up for the new 8-Bit Salute, now running on Tiltify and powered by Rip It- and join the team! Together, we can serve the next million veterans. 

Squad up and play today! Join the 8-Bit Salute on Tiltify: https://tiltify.com/osd/8bitsalute

Follow 8-Bit Salute on Twitter: @8BitSalute

Join the 8-Bit Salute community on Discord: https://discord.gg/8bitsalute