5th Special Forces Group – Operation Supply Drop

This week’s highlight is the United States Army’s 5th Special Forces Group. We’ve been working with a couple of the same folks on this team through nearly annual deployments over the last decade.


“We conduct daily missions in 118-120f degree heat in Iraq. One of only a few teams still actually sending people to get judged by their maker. A Supply Drop will allow barrel chested freedom fighters to unwind and decompress after a long day.”


Can we get a HOOAH?! They’re not due to come back from this rotation until late 2020 – unless they too get stuck in country like many other troops.

Please give generously, share and keep an eye out for Operation Supply Drop Sunday next week!

Each week we will focus on one of the scores of incoming Operation Supply Drop requests from our troops deployed around the globe. COVID has caused dynamics that have increased the demand for the games & coffee we’ve sent to hundreds of thousands of warriors, but we have no where near enough support. Your generosity will ship video games, table top games, high end coffee and fitness gear and more as a morale and wellness boost. Learn more at: https://OperationSupplyDrop.org.

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