455th Expeditionary Maintenance Group In Need of Entertainment Gets OSD ‘Supply Drop’

TRENTON, NEW JERSEY & AUSTIN, TEXAS (October 16, 2018) /For immediate release/ —  Airmen from McGuire Air Force Base are currently deployed to Afghanistan. Working in the 455th Expeditionary Maintenance Group, they provide maintenance for the aircrafts that support the troops in Afghanistan. These Airmen are working 12+ hour days, so there isn’t much time for rest or relaxation. A tight-knit group, they have to get creative with entertainment. 

Senior Airman Elliot B. explained, “Our schedule is pretty much work and sleep. So work is like home to us. It will be great if we can have some entertainment for everyone. My floor has the two busiest sections. We are all pretty close to each other. Sometimes we will have a Nerf gun war for fun. Some of us are on the younger side, so we try our best to find something entertaining to do.”

These troops are now enjoying games, coffee, and other supplies from generous donors including Starbucks, Rip It Energy, Disgruntled Decks, FanDuel, GAEMS, and other key OSD partners.

Senior Airman Elliot B. responded, “The work section really enjoys the Xbox; we hooked it up to a projector in the break room and play. So far, we play call of duty WW II the most, split screen. We really couldn’t have gotten a better gift. The board games are great as well. Some of the guys in this section really like the Disgruntled Decks game. I think our rotation here this year have really high morale because of things like this. You guys are doing a great deed and I personally appreciate it a lot. I can tell you that a lot of other people here appreciate what you do as well.”

OSD’s “Supply Drop” program has impacted hundreds of thousands of active military personnel in scores of locations around the globe. These Airmen will return home in the Fall as members of OSD’s Northeast Region, leading and participating in social, professional and service events within New Jersey.

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