2016 Operation Supply Drop Top 10 Highlights [Part 2]

And we’re back with Part 2 of the 2016 Operation Supply Drop Top 10 Highlights!

Click here in case you missed Part 1 with Operation Supply Drop Highlights 10 through 6!

As a friendly reminder, thank you again for allowing us to make such an amazing impact in the lives of so many service members, veterans and families.

#5 – Launching ‘Games to Grunts’ in Partnership with GovX

In partnership with GovX, this new program provides hundreds of thousands of PC, Xbox and Playstation games to service members, veterans and dependents while also connecting directly with the OSD community!


#4 – Launching ‘Respawn’ brings the Healing Power of Gaming to Recovering Veterans

Led by Chief Medical Officer, Erik Johnson, the Respawn Program has made an impact at Military Hospitals and Warrior Transition Battalions and to individual veterans and Occupational Therapists.


#3 – Learning the Skills to Pay the Bills

Growing Partnerships with Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft & Google to provide professional development resources and workshops to OSD community and local veteran service partners. As a key community need, professional development emphasis will increase in all OSD chapters leading into 2017.


#2 – Over 5,500 Community Volunteer Hours!

With service projects ranging from homeless stand-downs and playground builds to family friendly Haunted Houses, Memorial maintainance and Gold-star retreats, the 40 chapters and 1,600 volunteers of The Teams logged over 5,500 hours!


#1 – Overall impact: 87,000+ Service Members, Veterans and Dependents Served!

With more than 87,000 Service Members, Veterans and Families Served in 2016, OSD has now supported over 130,000 since 2010! Thank you for being a part of the community that makes this all possible, together we can do even more!


Thank you!