101st Airborne Blackhawk Pilot Crew Decompresses in Afghanistan with a Morale Boosting Supply Drop

Being a Blackhawk pilot in Afghanistan isn’t easy, and typically, it’s not exactly a lot of fun. You’re literally the biggest thing in the sky, making a lot of noise and drawing a lot of pot shots from random people on the ground. When we were asked some support, we hit the target hard with guns hot.

David and his crew from the 101st Airborne sent in their request:

“My name is David. I am a Blackhawk pilot deployed in Afghanistan with my company. We are the only aviation company out here living in the hottest part of Afghanistan currently occupied by U.S. Forces (111 today an not getting any cooler any time soon). I am requesting the Supply Drop to raise company morale as we are undermanned and running an operation tempo so fast that we barely have time to sleep. I believe that a Supply Drop is just what the company needs to relax and decompress a little!”

And so that’s just what we did!

After receiving the packages we sent, David’s brother, Ryan, an Operation Supply Drop supporter, wrote back with his thanks:

“I hope you all at Operation Supply Drop had a great weekend! I was speaking with my brother over this weekend and I’ve come to the understand that he’s having some internet/network issues and he asked me to go ahead and send you guys the pictures of his company opening the supply drop together.”

“”We really appreciate the Supply Drop and I know that they’re definitely going to have a good time with it!

“I think it’s great what you guys are working to accomplish and I know I plan on showing the people that helped donate to my OSD page some of these photos and show them what kind of a difference can be made and show them where the money goes. I know for a lot of people it’s hard to donate because they don’t know what happens after the money leaves their account, but now I can show them the happiness that you and the donors helped to create in this base.”